Types of Conditions We Treat

Stephanie has been focusing on integrative cancer care for the past 4 years, attending multiple conferences and using the guidance of great mentors like Dr. Paul Anderson (Co-Author of: Outside the Box Cancer Therapies) and Dr. Nasha Winters (Co-Author of: Metabolic Approach to Cancer).

Stephanie started an extensive cohort/mastermind with Dr. Nasha Winters and many other oncologists, radiologists, surgeons and providers across the world that are coming together to create a new look into cancer care. An integrative approach to cancer helps the effectiveness of western therapies (ie: Chemo/Radiation/Surgery) while decreasing the undesirable side effects that commonly accompany these therapies. Integrative cancer care means looking at the terrain/environment of the body. Why did cancer cells (abnormal cells) cultivate to begin with? Typically it is multiple environmental triggers causing cancerous cells and tumors in the body. We can kill off the bad (and good) cells with chemo, we can radiate the cancer (and damage DNA/mitochondria) with radiation or we can remove tumors with surgery. But there typically are cancer stem cells left behind which increase risk for more aggressive cancers in the future. In order to truly help heal the body, we have to not only help the body remove the abnormal cells, but also clean up the environment they flourished in. This is all done through a very individual approach looking at each unique situation, blood labs, genetics, diet, detox, and lifestyle changes.

Some of the common integrative therapies we utilize at our clinic: High dose vitamin C infusions, Immune boosting infusions with PolyMVA (mineral complex to help fight neuropathy), mistletoe injections and infusions, ketamine infusions, hyperbaric oxygen chamber, sauna and so much more.

If you have cancer, we recommend making an appointment as soon as possible to get baseline labs and to develop a plan of care. Getting a head start on your cancer therapies can be beneficial in so many ways! Call the clinic at 563-284-2422 or click on the new patient link here: https://balancehealth.me/patients/new-patient-information/

Other conditions Stephanie commonly see’s:




Autoimmune Disorders

ADHD/Autism Spectrum Disorders

Chemical Injury

Chronic Fatigue

Chronic infections (EBV)

Colds, Cough and Flu



Diet and Nutrition

Digestion or Intestinal Disorders

Ear infections

Eating Disorders

High Cholesterol

Lyme Disease

Multiple Sclerosis

Muscle Aches, Sprains and Strains

Neurologic disorders


Pain Management

Pediatric/Healthy Kids

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

Sexual Dysfunction

Skin Problems/Dermatology



Thyroid issues (hypo/hyper/hashimoto’s) 

Urinary problems (incontinence/UTI/Vaginal infections)


Women’s Health