Pediatric Well Child Visit

Our pediatric well child visits provide complete care for your child’s growth and development. These visits include:

  • Comprehensive History and Physical Examination – We perform a thorough evaluation of your child’s overall health, including assessment of growth benchmarks, vitals, and any concerns.
  • Growth and Development Tracking – By monitoring height, weight, head circumference (as indicated), we ensure your child is growing properly.
  • Milestone Evaluation – Through evidence-based screening tools, we assess whether your child is meeting appropriate physical, cognitive, emotional, and social development milestones for their age.
  • Parent Question and Answer Session – We devote ample time to answer any and all questions you may have about your child’s health, nutrition, safety, behavior, and more. We are partners in your child’s care.

At The Health Spa, we believe well child visits provide an invaluable opportunity to detect potential issues early and empower parents with the knowledge needed to nurture their child’s health. During these visits, our practitioners aim to:

  • Support parents as partners in care, honoring their deep understanding of their child’s needs
  • Answer questions thoroughly so parents feel informed and confident
  • Detect any areas of concern as early as possible through comprehensive exams
  • Create an open, comfortable environment where parents can discuss any topic

We know it takes a village to raise a child and understand how essential it is to have access to trusted support. Our goal is for well child visits to be a collaborative experience with parents, so together we can give every child the best possible start in life.

Cost: $150