Our Clinic

We strive to create a clinic that is health forward. We built our clinic to be chemical safe and environmentally conscious.

Water Cooler
Reverse Osmosis Water Cooler
Paper Cups
Environmentally Friendly Paper Cups

No VOC Paints, Stains or Varnishes
Air Purfiers
Multiple Air Purifiers

Biodegradable Garbage Bags
Biodegradable Earth-Friendly Garbage Bags
Recycled Paper Towels
Recycled Paper Towels

Controllable Thermostat
Controllable Thermostat
Energy Efficient Appliances
Energy Saving Appliances

Natural Cleaning Supplies
Vinegar & Epsom Salt for Cleaning
Sustainable Bamboo Floors
Sustainable Bamboo Floors (Certified energy grade)

Reclaimed Trees
Shelving made from Revitalized Cherry-wood from Dodgeville, WI.
Reclaimed Pallets
Reclaimed Chemical-Free Wood Pallets for Office Wall

Office Plants
Plants to provide Natural Detoxification and Fresh Air
Tea Bags
Organic Tea while you Check In

Everything was thought about when our clinic was built. Making our place a truly safe and chemical free, eco friendly space.

We are a Chemical Safe Clinic!

Shoe Free Clinic
Shoe-Free Clinic: Balance Integrative Health & Wellness is a shoe free clinic.  We try really hard to create a chemical safe facility and keep toxins from the grass, sidewalks and roadways from entering our clinic.

Fragrance Free Clinic
Fragrance-Free Policy: Please refrain from wearing any scented products, hairspray, perfumes or smoking prior to your appointment as most patients and providers at this facility are chemically sensitive.