When someone tells me a provider has proclaimed this to them, it makes me cringe. I smile and celebrate the win authentically for them, for sure… I want nothing more than for their body to be thriving and living in a state of homeostasis forever. 

The truth is that cancer recurrence after being called cancer free, is very high. 

When people hear they don’t have cancer, a lot choose to be complacent and revert back to what they were doing… the very diet and lifestyle that through their terrain off enough for the cancer to occur in the first place. 

Truth be told,  once conventional medicine uses their tools (chemo,  radiation and or surgery), the real healing needs to take place (and hopefully takes place simultaneously through the journey). 

This is the time of no slacking…for the next 5 years when cancer is most likely to return, due diligence needs to be made to help the body recover.  

︎Building strength on a cellular and physical level, healing through food, removing toxicants + chemicals from external and internal environments, and healing childhood and adult trauma.

︎What this could look like: 

1. Obtaining a thorough set of blood work to look at ALL infections (so many cancers are tied to a pathogen). As well as looking at blood counts, inflammation, hormones, nutrient status, mold/toxin/glyphosate burdens, heavy metals, circulating tumor cells, genomic profile to guide diet, supplementation and more.

2. Setting up a detoxification protocol to help move toxins through body (sauna, epsom baths, coffee enemas, flushes,  lymph therapy, etc.).

3. Diet: Cleaning body through optimal food best suited for your individual needs. I have my patients complete a Nutrition Genome report so they can get detailed information about their supplement and dietary needs based on their unique genetic imprint. 

4. Lifestyle: cleaning up external environment by removing all chemicals,  filtering water, air and making sure you are not exposed to things like mold

5. Mind/Body work: This can be done in a million ways… it can be done on your own through meditation, but can also be guided through <legal> mushroom journeys, ketamine infusions, angel readers, QNRT, EMDR, Reiki, medical intuitive, etc. There are so many paths to take for this route, take a bunch and find what is best for your healing experience to occur. 

At the end of the day, when you get diagnosed with cancer or a chronic illness,  you’ll have remanence of it forever, it’s now interwoven into your life experience. This is the time to use it as your guide, your bodies sharp way of telling you that your forgot to listen to its subtle messages along the way and now you must listen intently and work with your body to see how you can best support it so that it can live harmonious with your body.