Stephanie’s Favorite Non-Toxic Products

These are my favorite products that I use in my life. There might be links attached, thank you for using them. I only promote products that I use and LOVE. It takes time and energy to give content so I appreciate any affiliate clicks that you use if you love and want the products too! I will continue to update this page as my personal collection evolves! 

Water Filtration System:

Radiant Life Water System. I have the Whole House Water Conditioning and Filtration System as well as the Kitchen 14 step System. The Whole House System immediately took out the chlorine that was overwhelming our water supply. I can take baths now, not feeling like I’m swimming in a pool. I love the kitchen filtration system as well. It removes all the toxins and replaces the minerals in the water so no having to add extra mineral drops, etc. 

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I love the Relax Brand Sauna because:

  • Hottest sauna in America 
  • Very minimal EMF exposure
  • Double ceramic heaters to heat you instantly
  • Impregnated with silver for antibacterial function
  • Treatment time is 20-30 min. max due to how fast it heats the core
  • Powerful detoxification system
  • Gets hotter than the wooden saunas and you can stick your head (and arms) out to prevent heat discomfort (and I like watching a movie or listening to a podcast as I sweat) 

The Amazon saunas come from China and have 1 heater, they are made from cheap materials, give off higher amounts of EMF, take a long time to heat up and decrease the ability to truly get to the core for a large cellular detox. 

Wooden saunas (if they don’t use chemically treated wood) are nice, but they too can take a long time to heat and don’t get as hot. 

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Switching to more health conscious home items: 

Cleaning Items: Laundry detergent, All Purpose Cleaner, Hand Soap, Window Cleaner and more: Branch Basics 


We created our own line Select Balance after our own frustrations with the non-regulated supplement industry. We wanted to provide ourselves, family, friends and patients with the highest quality supplements free from toxic additives and fillers. We ship across the US and have even reached international shores! Check us out <3 


I like Risewell Toothpaste. It is mineralizing and fluoride free.

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I love Innersense Organics. I met the owner and her daughter in 2020 and they are amazing humans with an amazing mission. I love supporting great, organic, brands. They truly care about the health of you and your hair.  Coupon Code: Growlove for 15% off your order 

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