A Healthy Perspective

Many of you might be following me for the very first time while many others have been with me all along. I recently made a post about integrative and alternative therapies for treating a variety of health conditions.

I have had a day to absorb this moment. I have had an opportunity to respond personally to some of you. I have had an opportunity to remove some comments that were nothing more than inconsiderate or offensive. My post was never meant to be political and unfortunately that is what it has become and the reason why I chose to remove it.

Unfortunately this is the time we live in. Instead of focusing on health and healing, we focus on divisiveness and being heard. On the heels of President Trumps news conference discussing the possibilities of alternative approaches to treating virus, I was excited to share all of the experiences I have had over the years I have been practicing integrative medicine. Unfortunately, this post took on a life of its own and has become a political tool. My arm, my veins receiving UV light and nutrient therapy in 2017 at a training in Seattle has been shared repeatedly on social media, not as it was originally intended when I was highlighting alternative approaches to healthcare, but as leverage to try to score political points. I want to take some time to share my experiences with you.

For the most part, I have been receiving three (3) types of responses:

1) Many who are trying to validate their perception of the President’s comments trying to use my medical experience to ‘prove’ their point.

2) Many who are saying that I have somehow given credence to unapproved treatment modalities and how dangerous that is as a medical professional.

3) Lots of love from many of you who have done your own research, have been down the integrative health path or looking for more information.

I want to focus on this third group.

As an integrative practitioner, I spend my days, nights and weekends researching the best treatment modalities for each of my patients. Not which treatment protocol is able to be coded for reimbursement through insurance. Humans are unique, no two treatments work exactly the same for everyone. All my patients have unique health histories and their treatment plans are continuously tweaked.

A couple days ago, I was excited that years of my life, my education, my struggles and frustrations were being discussed. You can take the Presidents words any want you want, but trying to use my post, my history, to confirm your bias (one way or another) is not healthy.

Never did I say that someone should inject disinfectants into their body, although that is being suggested. In the original post, I actually said “if you go buy a bottle of H202 (hydrogen peroxide) and inject it straight into your veins you’ll die. Don’t do that.”

I was sharing how this treatment modality is currently being used in integrative oncology in conjunction with traditional approaches to cancer care. To share with the world that there are many approaches to healthcare.

I was sharing how UV/Laser light is used to help repair mitochondria, fight pathogens, boost mood/energy, enhance the immune system.

Many of you might be unaware of this, but I am on my own health journey. As I type this, I have an IV in my wrist to receive vitamins and nutrients my body has trouble absorbing through my gut.

I am often my own test subject. I donate my body to try treatments that might offer solutions to my patients who have no answers.

This is a bittersweet moment.

I am saddened that my post has been shared and re-shared for all the reasons it was never intended for. It was never a political post.

It was an optimistic post to showcase alternative approaches to healthcare for people to consider as they seek answers for their own ailments. I take pride in this. To my group #3, I <3 you. I your passion. I <3 your openness to learn and be educated. You give me the energy to keep going every day. So, thank you!

Unfortunately, this post won’t be shared or seen by many that should. I just hope you would take your blinders off, embrace perspective. Be kind. We all want the same things: to be healthy, to be safe and to be happy. How do we get there? Well, we all have our own journey and I choose to take the road less traveled by…and that has made all the difference.

In Health,