Taking the “Ahh-ChoooO” out of Allergies

An allergy is a misguided immune response triggered by eating, touching, or inhaling an irritant. Examples of allergies include pollens, dust mites, molds, animal dander, and certain foods. The environmental allergies usually affect the respiratory system can be the most difficult to control at the peak of their seasons.

From my experience, seasonal allergies can be familial in nature (if your parents have allergies you have a higher likelihood of environmental allergies). Symptoms of environmental allergies can range from sneezing, runny nose, stuffy nose, watery/itchy eyes, sore throat and headache. Inhalant/environmental allergies are often seasonal when pollen counts are high, but can be persistent if exposed to an offending substance (like mold or pet hair) on a regular basis.

Allergies are often associated with weak adrenal, immune, and digestive functions. I’m also seeing children that are born with more toxic burdons and having allergies as newborns/infants. These allergies and sensitivities usually show up as eczema on the skin, constipation, chronic ear infections, runny nose and congestion. If any of these symptoms are present, I work with patients and their family to help eliminate common triggers such as
gluten and dairy.

Treatment for Environmental Allergies or Seasonal Allergies

  1. Allergy Support nutritional supplement is a great combination product for easy allergy relief! It has quercetin, bromelain, stinging nettles and N.A.C., to help decrease seasonal allergies and promote sinus and respiratory health. I recommend starting 30 days prior to typical onset of seasonal allergies. Allergy Support can be used for acute allergy relief as well.
  2. Increase Water Intake: Take at least 1/2 your body weight in ounces (160 lbs person would drink at least 80oz of water)
  3. Diet: When having seasonal allergies, the most beneficial diet is loading up on organic dark green, leafy veggies and all other veggies to help load the body with antioxidants and minerals!
  4. Breathe Easy IV Infusion: Breathe Easy is formulated to stabilize the cells that release histamine, one of the factors that contributes to asthma and allergies. Breathe Easy’s IV treatment can be used for mild acute asthma attacks and acute seasonal allergies. This infusion helps reduce the frequency of attacks by providing long-lasting relief from acute episodes.
  5. Breathing Treatments via nebulizer : Amino Acid breathing treatments with glutathione help to enhance mucus excretion, relax bronchial tissues and reduce cough.
  6. Infrared Sauna: With the powerful heat, saunas can open sinuses, reduce congestion and enhances immune function.

Take control over your allergies this season! If you are noticing allergies, keep looking for the deeper cause and get relief today!