Healthy Halloween Treats

Hosting a Halloween party, or just want to make some fun snacks for the kiddos? Here are some healthy and fun options to do just that!

Pumpkin Cuties – Take some clementines and a sharpie and let your kids doodle on their snacks before peeling them

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Peel clementines and put a piece of celery in the top to make it look like an actual pumpkin

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Make banana ghosts by using 1/2 banana and 3 chocolate chips to as the eyes and mouth

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Take 2 slices of an apple, place a nut butter in between (I love sunflower honey butter) and place a few marshmallows in between as teeth

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Fun Caterpillar skewers:

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Frankenstein Mason Jar (artistic experience, not needed)

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Carmel Apples: The staple of Fall. Here’s how to make your own SUGAR-FREE, VEGAN, GLUTEN-FREE, OIL-FREEĀ 

Mini Stuffed Vegan Jack-o-Lanterns : Find recipe hereMini Stuffed Jack-o-Lanterns (with meat) : Find recipe here

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Take your leftover peppers from above and create fun veggie serving holders:

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Spider Eggs – Use your favorite deviled egg recipe and then cut black olives into spider bodies and enjoy

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Serve organic salsa from a cauldron served with organic corn chips

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Make a graveyard full of guacamole with organic corn chip tombstones and broccoli trees

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And after you make all of these goodies, you can relax and enjoy a spooktacular beverage (with or without alcohol). Here are some fantastic and fun drink recipes for adults

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