Cancer Care : Resource Guide

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What Causes Cancer:

  1. Chemicals
    1. Remove pesticides, smoke, plastics, flame retardants, bleach, candles, fake scents, non-certified cosmetics/shampoos/body lotions, deodorants, sunscreen, etc.
      1. Use water, vinegar, epsom salts for cleaning. Make perfume and scents with essential oils and carrier oil like aloe vera, olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, etc. Beauty Counter is a brand that cares about beauty products. Schmidt’s or Toms deodorant  are both clean brands for smelling fresh under the arms. Stop smoking.
  2. Heavy Metals
    1. Do Heavy metal urine challenge test (DMSA chelation) to see where your heavy metal burden is in your body.
    2. Use filtered water. Get water tested at the Home Environment Center in Dubuque
  3. Pathogens (Viruses, bacteria, yeast/fungi, parasites)
    1. Look at EBV (mono), Chlamydia Pneumoniae, HHV-6, Parvovirus B19, Mycoplasma Pneumoniae, etc. – testing depends on your history, symptoms, etc.
  4. Leaky Gut/ Food intolerance: GMO, artificial foods, chemicals and toxins we ingest daily on a standard American diet.
    1. Look at “Clean Fifteen/Dirty Dozen” When choosing foods 
  5. Biotoxins (Mold/Lyme): If you’ve been exposed to Mold in the past (a lot of my patients have grown up in old farm houses or have had moldy dorms in college, etc.) and you don’t detoxify well, then you can have something known as CIRS (chronic inflammatory response syndrome) where your body has a hard time removing these toxins and you have fatigue, memory issues, increased static shock, dark circles under eyes, etc. <–These are not always 100% for mold but are symptoms.
    1. Have QUEST labs draw a C3a and C4a will show mold or Lyme inflammation in the body
    2. If you suspect Lyme, getting a CD-57 (labcorp) and a Lyme Western Blot completed, will be helpful in determining another ‘piece of your puzzle’

Detox Resources:

Coffee Enema:  <- Use Code: CancerCare for $10.00 off your order! 

Here’s a video from Stephanie talking about the benefits of Coffee Enemas:

Dry Brushing:

  1. Long handled dry brush = Body & Soul carries a natural option!
  2. Short handled dry brush = Eco Tools

Home Sauna: 

Relax Sauna is the brand that we carry at Vive IV Therapy. There are other brands that are wooden and larger as well. SunLighten is another good brand that is wooden and chemical free.

Vive IV Therapy / Balance Integrative Health & Wellness also has the Relax Sauna that anyone can use. Heats up in 5 min. and is only recommended 20 min.  (30 min. MAX) due to high heats. This is beneficial before or after IV therapies as well. Cancer Care special: 10 Sauna Sessions for $100. Purchase by 5-7-2018. Call 563-284-2422 to schedule or with any questions you may have! 

Sweat & Boutique is another spot in Dubuque that has sauna sessions.

Lemon Water:

1Tbs Organic lemon water + 8-16oz room temp water daily

Epsom Salt Baths/Foot Soaks:

2 cups Epsom + 1/4 cup Baking soda in temperature as warm as able.

IV & Oral Therapy Treatments:

High Dose Vitamin C is the main adjunct therapy for all cancers

Artesunate great source of treatment for Breast Cancer when used with high dose vitamin C (Artesunate aka wormwood, is also great oral therapy for cancer patients). 

Alpha Lipoic Acid great for Liver Cancer

Salicinium is a major cancer killer. For end stage cancer when other options have failed.

Poly MVA (oral and IV) + DCA (oral and sometimes IV when available in the States) is an amazing adjunct that people can take 4 days a week with or without chemo or nutritional IV therapies.

Glutathione IV is an AMAZING source for Detox, energy and cellular support. It cleans up the free radicals in our bodies. This is best done via IV infusion. NAC (N-acetylcysteine) is a precursor that turns into glutathione in the body.

DMSO (chelating agent) + Minerals for bone pain or pains with cancer <–Typically used for Stage 4 cancer patients. This is done via Infusion.


LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone): Dosing, start low at 1 or 2mg and increase by 0.5mg-1mg every 2-4 weeks until 4.5mg is reached. Once at 4.5mg dosing is 4 days on, 3 days off. This is a compounded medication – Meaning your insurance won’t cover it but it does have to be prescribed by a provider. It’s fairly inexpensive when you are on the regular dose $30/month at the most! Usually $50/3 months is typical.



Detox Support  : This is good for general cleansing. 2-3 caps/day x3 months when doing the above detox methods to help clear out toxins from the body.

Detox Support

Melatonin: 3mg at bedtime as needed for general patients that have insomnia. 20mg at bedtime for patients that have breast cancer.

Liver Detox for Major detoxing, Liver Cancer or Hepatitis: 

Ketogenic Diet resources:

Keto Mojo Blood Ketone Test glucometer and 10 test strips.  Keto Mojo Blood test strips only.

Why Ketosis:

The primary source of energy in the normal body is glucose, which fuels brain and body functions. Glucose is obtained by body in the form of carbs: Sugar, Bread, Grains, Beans, Fruit & Starchy Vegetables.  These foods are immediately turned into glucose or stored in the body. When there’s not enough glucose for the body to use, it looks at the fat stores for energy sources. The liver breaks down these fat stores to make glucose- and KETONES are the byproduct.

Ketosis is great for weight loss, decreasing appetite and regulating blood sugars. Even if someone is thin and doesn’t have much weight to lose, ketosis can be a great way to expend safe energy while keeping someone at a healthy weight.

To check if you’re in ketosis you can check via urine, blood or breath testing. Blood testing is typically the most expensive but most accurate. More recently Keto-Mojo (as highlighted above the keto photo), has come on the market and made testing devices and strips very affordable. I recommend blood testing to people really trying to see if they are in ketosis.

Once you have reached a state of ketosis, you’ll know how your body feels so then testing becomes ‘as needed’ to do spot checks from time to time vs regularly.

Difference between ketone production and potential deadly ketoacidosis:

A. Ketosis: Is low levels of ketones in the blood; It is a normal body process; Safe function of a low carb diet

B. Ketoacidosis: Extremely high levels of ketones in the blood; blood can turn acidic; occurs in diabetics with not enough insulin or in acute tramas/illnesses, people starving or alcoholics.

*The only contraindication for ketogenic diets are people with PRIMARY liver cancer. This is the cancer that starts in the liver. If it’s metastatic liver cancer (where it starts somewhere else and moves to the liver) it’s still okay to do a ketogenic diet. For people that have liver cancer, it is recommended they do a “Zone” type diet – 40% Fats 30% Protein 30% Carbs (Healthy carbs coming from veggies).


Other information:

One of my patients really talked to me about sexual health after cancer. This is something that typically isn’t brought up in treatment but is very important to address as an aspect of cancer care: More information can be found here: