Finding the Spirit Within

When I write my spiritual posts, I often wonder “what do others think of me for writing this”? I am supposed to be a nurse practitioner, not a Gandhi wanna-be, right? What I started finding out with my personal journey to health and healing, I found out how powerful the brain actually is. It can manifest health, it can manifest disease. The thoughts we think create our reality. Our subconscious mind is so powerful… and that is why I spend most of my personal healing journey trying to unravel the mystery of my thoughts, judgements, limiting beliefs, past stored emotions, etc. to bring me to a place of health.

Today, I attempt to live my life in authentic truth and transparency… It wasn’t always this way. It took many trials and errors in the past to find who I was and what I was meant to do on this earth. I wouldn’t change any past experience good or bad, because it has ultimately led me to my current life, which I am so in love with. When you feel like you are living your life to your highest level and in a state of growth, it’s hard to think about living any other way.

Spirituality has come at me from many angles… I was born and raised a Catholic. Attended church on the reg., but seemed like our family would end up getting into arguments after leaving church each Sunday, so I always questioned what the purpose of the practice was. It didn’t make me an immediate better human, and as a young kid, I had absolutely no idea what the priest was trying to tell me.

In the past years as I took a different path in my life, health, relationships, and career choices. I desperately longed to find a higher power that was meaningful to me, that could provide me insight into this strange world I had come to see that I was living in. I felt a sense of enlightenment/spiritual growth, that my early 20 year old self never knew existed. I came to a point of actualization that my old self was very superficial. I was living in a world so divine and complex but just going through the motions day-by-day without true purpose or intent.

At my point of enlightenment, I did what most would do… I started looking external for answers. I developed a circle of people around me that could help me connect with my higher self… It wasn’t until more recently that I came to the realization that one must look within to find answers. I hold the truth inside myself, if I could just get quite enough to listen, the answers are waiting to be heard. My higher self always has my back. My higher self wants me to succeed. There’s no external source that wants a person to succeed more so than a person’s higher self.

Today to improve my spirituality and healing, I have made a practice to set daily intentions and most importantly feed my brain (my subconscious) with powerful words everyday. I let go of limiting beliefs by telling myself I am strong, wise, powerful, smart, honest, caring, compassionate, etc. etc. Our subconscious is amazing! It will seek out those beliefs and find them to be true. So when I used to have limiting beliefs and talk down to myself (I’m not good enough, I’m not smart enough, I can never do that), I was setting myself up for failure… as my subconscious was working 24/7 trying to find ways to make those beliefs true.

I love taking Sundays to reflect on my spiritual being (as well as each morning when I wake up). Today I feel that I want people to know the most powerful drugs on the planet and/or best holistic treatment plan for your disease will never cure you if you don’t have a strong sense of higher support.

Much Love,