Mercury “Free” Day

Wow, I have a lot on my mind today! Today (June 7th 2017) is a big day for me! At 8:30 this a.m. I traveled to Mount Vernon and removed the remaining Mercury fillings from my mouth! This Journey started March of 2016 when I was on the quest to safely remove the toxic mercury lying inside my mouth.

Looking back

As a young child, I thought I had great oral hygiene. I brushed twice a day, I flossed nearly never and was lucky enough to not have braces. I would get compliments by family members saying how they loved my smile. The superficial layer might have looked pearly white, but on the inside there was a dark story, full of heavy metals and toxins that contributed to my decline in health.

Growing up I had quite a lot of fillings, the docs told me to brush more, but twice daily was my limit! I would have amalgams (composed of mercury, silver, tin, etc.) replaced every few years with larger amalgams placed as the tooth deteriorated.

What I know now is that I had poor gut (immune) health from a young age and had poor detoxification pathways. So all heavy metals (from vaccines, fillings, food), chemicals, biotoxins (mold) and lyme that I was dealing with, had a hard time leaving my body, leading me to have poor oral health – like many others with chronic health problems.

When I got severely sick in 2014, I started researching ways to clean my body. You can’t have a clean body without a clean mouth. Just imagine every time you brush your teeth or drink something hot, mercury vapors are leached into your body. Mercury loves to be stored in the bone, brain and anywhere where it can hide itself. I personally had one amalgam that literally had a chunk missing… so not only did I have vapors, I had/have shards stuck in my body! YES (said no one ever)! So 2015, while I was still naive and learning, I went to a dentist that wasn’t holistic and had him remove a mercury filling and replace it with the composite resin (white) that they typically use now. It was a huge filling. He drilled out that mercury without using a dental dam or any protection. I had swollen lymph nodes and pain for weeks after, and long term implications I didn’t even know about at the time (fast fwd to today when my dentist removed this filling and found that there was STILL MERCURY under my tooth – how can someone do that with good faith)!?

Learning from the Past

Over the years I wised up and found an amazing holistic dentist in my area. His name is Dr. Ben Pospisil ( In March 2016 his staff took photos of my teeth and walked me through the removal process. We completed one quadrant at a time. I had 9 Mercury fillings that needed to be removed… They were huge (I will attach photos). This process was very slow for me because as I noted above, I do not detox well and after each mercury removal I would slowly get sick and reach my worst state about 3 months post procedure. I was hospitalized last October because of a fistula in my gut that I contribute to heavy metal toxicity as well.

What I love about Dr. Ben and holistic dentists, is that they have similar views regarding health when it comes to integrative care. Holistic dentists understand that the mouth is a gateway to the GI system and immune system. If that’s dirty, then the rest of the system is too. The neat thing about mercury removal with a holistic dentist is that they take extra precautions to insure your safety.

Mercury Removal Routine

I arrived to my appointment and Dr. Ben placed local anesthetic into areas he worked on. I took liquid chlorella/detox drink that I swished for 30 seconds. After that, nerd goggles were placed over my eyes, oxygen tubing in my nose and Dr.Ben and his assistant put on what appeared to be space helmets… A good indicator of holistic health is if your doctor is covering themselves up! Then they put this vent that looks like an elephant trunk close to my mouth which helps suck the mercury vapor as the amalgam is being removed. They wrap my face for extra protection, place a dental dam to catch any mercury debris and start the removal process. The best part is that the removal only takes about 30 seconds. Once that’s done, they clean up right away, and make me swish and spit the detox solution to help get any remaining toxins out of my mouth.

Dr. Ben is extra special because he has some sweet technology that photographs the teeth and he makes the porcelain crowns right in his office (see video of this because it’s cool)! Everything is done that day. BUT WAIT, there’s more! After he cements the porcelain fitting into my mouth, he collaborates my bite. This is a tedious process but necessary to prevent TMJ and other jaw/bite alignment issues. It’s time consuming and we both agree it is important and has made my new mouth feel great.

Starting the next Journey

Since today was my LAST day, I got to ring the “Mercury Free” Gong, and was sent home with a shirt and Mug that said “I’m >Mercury> Free”. Although this makes me totally happy, the reality is that my mouth is mercury free, but my body is quite full of it. Over the next 3-4 years, I will be working diligently to help my body detox the heavy levels in my body. It’s a slow process… Mercury and other heavy metals are tough! But it’s just apart of this beautiful life journey.

I will be sharing the detoxification journey as people inquire. Today I left Dr. Ben’s office with Liposomal Vitamin C and Glutathione (both needed for adequate detox) and received a high dose vitamin C IV when I got to my clinic (vitamin C helps bind on to mercury and pull out the circulating toxins). This evening I brewed up some coffee and completed a coffee enema! Coffee enemas may sound gross, but they are actually amazing at helping detoxify the liver. I will do these 1-2x daily for a few weeks. (Side note: If you want to dabble with detoxing, see a provider that knows how to do it… and don’t use coffee from your Folgers can, this stuff is specifically made for enemas).

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