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Breast of Health - Balance Integrative Health & Wellness

Thermography Seminar

Thursday, June 8 from 6-8pm (Seminar)
InSight – Dubuque, IA

Friday, June 9 from 8-5pm (Scans)
Balance Integrative Health & Wellness – Dubuque, IA

The seminar will teach:
  • How to assess for toxins that can be contributing to breast cancer and how to detoxify the body
  • Beneficial herbs to support breast health and toxin reduction
  • How to safely monitor for changes in breast tissue for early intervention

SCHEDULE TODAY | To schedule an appointment or with questions call (641) 469-6081, mention this ad to receive $20 discount

Pam Ryerse is a body thermographer and will be there to educate on the benefits and uses of thermography. Judy Pladna is a master herbalist and will be presenting on breast supplements. Stephanie Grutz is an integrative nurse practitioner and she will be talking about having the ‘breast of health’, everyday tips and tricks to living a healthier life.

Fertile Ground

Fertile Ground: Boost your Fertility Together

Learn integrative solutions available in the Dubuque, IA area for soon-to-be parents.  This is a free class intended for partners to come and learn in a non-threatening, fun environment. Kristi and Stephanie will discuss what they offer as providers to help boost your fertility in a natural, holistic tone.  More Information

Tuesday, June 20th 6-7pm
Abundant Wellness Center
FREE to Attend